3 Awesome Benefits of a Keto Diet for Type 1 Diabetics

Type 1 diabetes - top three benefits of switching to a ketogenic diet

Previously, I have documented how the keto diet helped my Type 1 diabetic husband gain better blood sugar control. We dispelled the myth that a keto diet is not safe for T1’s.

If anything it is safer than the traditional high carb diet he had been put on by his diabetes nurses and, sadly, was on for the past 26 years. I say sadly because thinking of the internal damage due to glycation caused by his blood sugar constantly getting spiked by all those carbs makes me cringe, though he has been quite lucky compared to many who have had T1 for the same amount of time. Or maybe ‘lucky’ isn’t the right word to use here since he does take very good care of himself with regular physical exercise which would have helped reduce some of the damage, at least.

Though the ketogenic diet was the original therapeutic diet for diabetics back in the day of Dr Banting, somehow science got completely off track with how to correctly treat diabetics. Thanks to the pioneering spirit of people like Dr Bernstein, we are now able to rein in this runaway blood sugar roller coaster once more. This roller coaster is no doubt fuelled by Big Pharma who want to continue to sell very expensive medical products in amounts that are not really needed if people only learn to control their blood sugar through their diet…

More Evidence That Keto Works for T1 Diabetics

Working primarily to the directives laid out by Dr Bernstein in this book, my husband’s blood sugars have changed from this…

…to this:

Top 3 Benefits of Being on a Keto Diet for T1’s

I asked my husband what the main benefits of the ketogenic way of eating were and he shared the following top three benefits:

  • Better control in terms of near normal levels thanks of hypos (from 2-3 a day to maybe one every other week)
  • Better control in terms of near normal blood sugar levels thanks to lack of hypos and the fear of them
  • Greater sense of freedom in general thanks to getting off the blood sugar roller coaster. For instance, he can now go for an after dinner walk without fearing a hypo etc.

When faced with a chronic illness like T1 diabetes, it is very easy to feel as if the whole situation is out of your control. Sadly some people in the medical profession prey on this feeling and they do so because they are in the pockets of Big Pharma. Take back control today! If my husband could do it after 26 years, then so can you!

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