Three Lessons Learned from a Failed Keto Night Out

three lessons learned from a failed keto night out
At least I got my potassium levels topped up… 😛

Well, this is awkward and not really something I am proud to be sharing here on the blog… but hey, let’s keep this shit REAL! I accidentally took a day off keto yesterday because my husband and I finally had a date night and there weren’t any good keto options where we ended up eating (poor planning on our part, I know).

We ended up in a Tapas restaurant and though the menu looked good on paper, it turned out that multiple options that we planned on ordering had sugar in them, so we had to take them off the order (my husband is T1 diabetic so does keto therapeutically).

In the end, we shared five TINY Tapas items (some prawns, fried peppers, cheese, olives and squid) between us and came away from that experience still hungry, even after DRINKING (I kid you not) the butter from the bowl that contained the prawns.

We then popped into Burger King to share a bunless burger to top that sorry meal up and got served THE saddest looking double bacon cheese burger we’d ever seen (tiny, shrivelled up, dry-looking and tasted exactly how it looked). We should have complained and demanded our money back, really but by then I was HANGRY – Hello, any menopausal sisters out there who can relate?! And I’m talking CARB level angry (+ it was a Full Moon, okay if I blame that?).

Luckily (or perhaps not), there was a bakery next door and when my husband, who was starting to fear for public safety, suggested I have a therapeutic chocolate muffin, I wasn’t about to say no. I scarfed it. I loved it – I will not lie. It was the first bit of cake I’d had since January but I paid for it with horrible stomach cramps throughout the night. Yep, my gluten intolerance is still there!

As you know, having carbs begets cravings for more carbs so next we headed to a pub where they had fried potato skins on the menu. Again, I was not about to say no to those.

Luckily, my stomach is now too small to manage a whole bowl full of those but, putting in a brave effort, I managed half of it – with mayo!! I was stuffed and bloated with carb. I didn’t sleep because of the weird stuff that was happening in my stomach.

I woke up this morning wondering how long it might take me to get back into ketosis after all of this. Zero minutes is how long! My husband just tested my blood ketones with his meter and they were 0.6 (light nutritional ketosis) – At the lower end of ketosis… but still….


Lessons Learned

  1. Plan better and visit a proper steak house next time.
  2. My body was made to run on ketones, does still not tolerate ANY wheat… and…
  3. My hanger issues are real and impact the world around me – Do something about that!!


  1. Chloe says:

    LOL to number 3! The hangry situation is what keeps me from OMAD – little kids tired from school and just before bedtime is not a good combination on an empty stomach.
    As for the Tapas bar, it’s a bitch when hidden sugars ruin what would otherwise be a perfectly good plan. Better luck next time, as date nights are good for the soul 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Haha! Well, yes… I have actually changed my OMAD time to a late-ish lunch now as standard but obviously had fasted all day for date night, so I could have a slap-up meal in the evening. Oh well. 🙂

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