The 7 Essential Steps to Effective Weight Loss (and keeping it off)

One thing I noticed in the Facebook weight loss groups was that there was a whole lot of complaining going on. The focus was often on the negatives and all the old excuses why it was so hard to lose weight, rather than on the positives, so I created the infographic above to (hopefully) be shared around the internet liberally.

Please do share the picture above in your weight loss forum, to help people change their mindset because mindset is everything for weight loss success!

7 Steps to Weight Loss Success

Step 1. Change your self-talk from negative to positive, ‘I am in charge of my health and wellbeing and I have the power to turn my life around.’ Know that you are worthy of making all the necessary changes to be your best and healthiest self.
Step 2. Ask the right questions. Don’t ask, ‘Why can’t I lose weight?’ Ask ‘How can I lose weight?’
Step 3. Do your research and decide on the model that you think will be the best fit.
Step 4. Don’t be afraid to keep experimenting and growing your knowledge base.
Step 5. Stay motivated by surrounding yourself with people who support you and have similar goals.
Step 6. Be persistent and track your progress. Don’t let daily weight fluctuations get you down. You are in this for the long term.
Step 7. Celebrate your success along the way.



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