Snake Medicine for Weight Loss

snake medicine for weight loss

What can Snake teach us about weight loss? Snake Medicine teaches us to leave the past behind, to shed it like the snake sheds its skin. This is particularly important lesson if our eating is emotionally triggered.

When we have emotional triggers for eating, it means that the neocortex, the most recently evolved part in the mammalian brain, is being overridden by the limbic system, which we have in common with our reptilian relatives.

The limbic system feeds off sugar. It craves carbohydrates and when we constantly feed the body carbs, it easily takes charge. The neocortex, on the other hand, is better fuelled by ketones. We can fuel this part of our brain with ketones when we are on a ketogenic or high fat low carb diet. This part of the brain is also fuelled by ketones when we intermittently fast, which explains the mental clarity so many people talk about as a result of fasting.

The limbic system keeps us in a state of fear, anxiety and reactivity because it’s constantly on the lookout for signs of danger. When we learn to comfort eat to soothe our anxiety, we perpetuate the fear loop and stay stuck in our old reactive patterns.

When we start fuelling the neocortex with healthy fats, on the other hand, our brain stars detoxing and we begin to have the clarity of vision associated with the neocortex, enabling us to detect patterns which no longer serve us and shed them with the same ease that we start losing weight when we are in a state of ketosis.

Resisting emotional triggers also become easier if we meditate regularly. Meditation teaches us to step back and become the Observer which is the most natural and effortless way of eliminating temptation. Once we become the Observer, we also automatically start making more healthful food choices, because we are able to tune into what our body actually needs to thrive more easily. Meditation and ketosis work hand in hand to rid the brain of reactive and outdated patterns.

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