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Can’t Afford a Gym Membership?

A lot of people have some really fabulous and imaginative excuses for not starting an exercise regime, in spite of having realised that regular exercise would not only keep them alive for longer as well as enjoying an improved quality of life.

So what do you have to gain from regular exercise? (In case you’re still wondering and/or are undecided.) Well, only greater mental clarity, more energy, improved sleep, more physical strength and stamina, better sex, greater balance, better mobility, improved mood, boosted immunity and prevention of a wide range of diseases, including (but not limited to) diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, Alzheimer and stroke.

In spite of this, the resistance to starting any kind of exercise program is usually high in many of us. Money easily becomes one of our favourite excuses. ‘I’ll start when I have enough cash to pay for that gym membership’ but you’re not actively saving up for it so the day never comes… Sound familiar?

No Need to Delay – Start Today!

Great news, everybody! If you can afford an internet connection and you also have some kind of device for watching YouTube videos, you can start a free exercise program today, from the comfort of your own home.

There are health and fitness coaches, yoga teachers and even ballet teachers on there sharing their knowledge FREE of charge. You can even join a YouTube walking class where all you do is walk on the spot if your favourite excuses is ‘bad weather’ or ‘afraid to be out walking on my own.’

Resistance & Weight Training

My favourite resource for weight training is HasFit with coach Kozak and his wife Claudia. They have tons of free resources, both on YouTube and on their website, where you can find an exercise program to fit your goals and fitness level. They also have an app that you can download to your phone. Personally, I like to put them on my big TV screen but that’s because I don’t see very well without my glasses and much prefer to exercise without them on.


Lesley of Fightmaster Yoga is such a clear and calm teacher. This 30 day beginner program is excellent if you are new to yoga. They also have a 90 day Yoga Fix challenge for more advanced practitioners. I have been starting my day with Lesley for some morning yoga over the past 50 days and it has really improved my wellbeing levels, as well as my flexibility – Highly recommend!


There are even a couple of free, excellent YouTube resources if you are into ballet. Ballet can be really expensive and classes aren’t very often on offer in smaller rural communities, so why not give it a whirl from the comfort of your own home, without having to pay a penny?

Ballet is excellent if you want that lean look and much improved flexibility. It can be totally safe, provided you don’t force your turn-out and go at your own speed. Keep your progress slow and steady and focus on enjoying moving your body rather than on some aesthetic ideal which usually takes many years to achieve.

Here is one great introductory video, with a beginners class for adults.

Breaking Ballet is a YouTube channel with workout videos to help you build strength for ballet.


Not really interested in exercise but have come to realise that you need to at least be walking to keep your circulation going? That’s OK. Walking has many wonderful benefits and is definitely better than just sitting all day long.

If one of your objections to walking is that you don’t feel safe walking on your own, you could either join a local group of ramblers or (if none are available) start one yourself… or just start by walking along to a YouTube video.

You will find a group walking 20-minute video HERE and a 30-minute video HERE (slightly higher intensity).

Which Type of Exercise Should You Choose

Eventually, exercise should not be about either strength, improved cardiovascular ability, better balance or improved mobility. All four components are much needed for staying fit and healthy into old age. That is why I recommend a mixed program where you do different things on different days to keep your body guessing – This also keeps your brain young!

That said, the most important thing is to get off your chair and to start moving. Usually, eradicating that initial inertia leads to such greatly improved levels of optimism and vitality that you will start feeling more keen to try new things.

So what are you waiting for? Start today! You’ll thank yourself a month from now!

Love & Light


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