Type 1 Diabetes and Keto

The picture above is a screenshot from my husband’s iPhone. He has the Eversense CGM app installed which works together with the subcutaneous continuous glucose monitor he has inserted surgically into his upper arm every six months.

When I started my own keto journey on the 13th of January this year (2019), I did it on my own. I kept serving my husband carbs with his meals, which were the same as mine apart from the side of rice, potato or pasta. After a week or two of doing this, I really started questioning whether he too might not be better off without the carbs, in spite of the advice he had been given by his diabetes nurse for the past 26 years.

The Forgotten Cure

Lo and behold, after doing a bit of research, I found out that the inventor of insulin injections as a treatment for diabetes, Dr Banting, used to put his patients on a ketogenic diet, as part of the treatment. Makes sense to keep your carb intake low if you wish to avoid the blood sugar roller coaster, with hyper- and hypoglycemia, right?

Modern Research about Keto for Type 1 Diabetics

Then I thought to myself, I bet there is more modern research out there about keto for Type 1 diabetics and that is how I stumbled upon this book by Dr Runyan, which I recommended to my husband. I must admit this was a sneaky move since I thought the fact that Dr Runyan was doing triathlons (one of my husband’s interests) as well as worked as an MD would tip the scales in favour of piquing his interest. Well, it worked! Within a few days of reading the book and finding Dr Runyan’s blog, my husband decided to give the ketogenic diet a go.

I don’t know who has been more blown away by the results which kicked in on the second day, with his blood sugar levels stabilising to the point of almost mimicking those of a non-diabetic person. In the graph above, you can see a big difference in colour between the two halves of the picture. All that red to the left is pre-keto, with constant sugar spikes and near hypos.

To the left, starting with the 26th of February, the colour green takes over (apologies to any colour blind folks out there!). Even without the difference in colour, you can see that the spikes have levelled out to the right, and the dips are more shallow too.

Getting Better Control Day by Day

Day by day his blood sugar control is increasing and because thanks to this, we know he will enjoy an overall improvement of his health and longevity since it’s the constant carb-induced blood sugar spikes that do all the damage inside the body. This is exciting, so my husband decided to do some more research, got Dr. Bernstein’s book and joined Type 1 Grit on Facebook.

Not a day goes by without me learning a new little titbit from my husband’s research and I’m amazed how this is not common knowledge already. I’m doing my little bit to help with this post, so please do give it share! Most of us know someone who has diabetes and the same information can benefit those with T2 as well.

A Quiet Revolution

There is quiet revolution going on, flying in the face of the advice given to most diabetes patients by most diabetes nurses and other health care professionals. Now my husband and I are both wondering how long it will take for this revolution to become totally mainstream. The solution to keeping T1’s healthy is already out there and it’s free, you just change what you eat. Is Big Pharma on board with this? Draw your own conclusions.

The solution for those of you who are diabetics and having to face uneducated medical professionals (or even those deep in the pockets of Big Pharma) is to arm yourselves with science. Print out the research and take that with you when you go to see your GP/MD/diabetes consultant or nurse. Join a support group or two. Don’t fight this alone!

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