How to Cure Acne

The only acne cure that is guaranteed to work and it won't cost you a penny!

Having the odd pimple is part of being human… but are you suffering with acne? It doesn’t only happen to teenagers – I should know! When I was on a vegan, high carb diet, my skin was the worst it’s ever been… and I was in my 40’s. It was truly awful.

My chin and neck were covered with pimples and some of them were really painful. Unlike when I was on an omnivore diet, it didn’t seem to be tied in with my monthly cycle either; It was constant!

Things did calm down when I ditched the vegan diet but they improved further once I went low carb, high fat on a ketogenic diet.

Two Foods to Avoid to Cure Acne

The two most important foods to avoid if you wish to have clear, healthy-looking skin is carbs, including whole grain, and low-fat dairy.

The reason you need to avoid carbs is that they are invariably broken down into sugar and this is what produces an overabundance of the hormones that aggravate acne, especially in combination with low-fat dairy products which are full of lactose (another type of sugar).

Some people who suffer with acne may need to avoid all forms of dairy initially, including double cream, butter and cheese – at least until there is significant improvement.

I’m sharing this video by Dr Berry, one of my favourite people to follow for low carb info on YouTube, because I know so many people who suffer with acne and it is completely unnecessary. Don’t take my word for it. Dr Berry provides the science to back it up!

No cure that you pay tons of money for or have your GP prescribe is ever going to have a better effect than changing your diet and getting off those carbs – Your choice!

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