Dairy-Free Chocolate Almond Keto Latte

Dairy-Free Chocolate Almond Keto Latte

There are times when you need something a little bit extra, a little bit more indulgent than your regular MCT oil coffee on a morning. For me, that is usually during the time of the month leading up to my period. According to Dr Mindy Pelz, women on Keto often have additional nutritional needs during that week before the period starts, due to the hormonal changes. You probably also don’t need a doctor to tell you that this is when the cravings usually set in.

I woke up this morning, feeling like my regular bulletproof fatty coffee just wasn’t going to cut it and found THIS VIDEO to help inspire a new creation: My own dairy-free chocolate almond keto latte recipe… Perfect for those days when you need a bit extra!



½-1 cup of brewed coffee
200 ml unsweetened almond milk
1 tbsp almond butter or almond oil
1 tbsp coconut oil
2 tsp cocoa or cacao powder (unsweetened, natch)
1 serving/scoop of collagen powder (optional)
Erythritol or other favourite zero calorie sweetener to taste (optional)

Note that using a runny almond butter works best. Sainsbury’s own brand is the one I used. You obviously still get a bit of grit in your coffee if you use almond butter instead of almond oil but I quite like that and am used to it from adding cinnamon and turmeric to my BPC.

You can boost your latte with more fat by adding another tbsp of coconut oil or alternatively use a tbsp of MCT oil, if you wish.

Obviously, excluding the collagen powder makes this latte vegan/veggie-friendly as well.

Macro Nutrients

  • Calories: 286
  • Protein: 13.9 g
  • Carbohydrates: 2.4 g
  • Fat: 24.9 g

How to Make the Latte

Start by brewing your coffee. Put the oil and/or nut butter in the pan on low heat add the cocoa powder to the heated oil to make it ‘bloom’ and open up in flavour. Use a small whisk or milk frother to blend the powder in with the oil. Then add the almond milk. I like to heat mine in the microwave before adding it but you don’t have to. Whisk the collagen powder and/or erythritol in if you are using either, add the coffee in and whisk or froth until you have the desired consistency. Depending on how much coffee you add, you may need to serve your drink in quite a tall mug.

Having gotten used to 100% dark chocolate, I now prefer to NOT add any sweetener but it’s totally okay if you want to. It’s better to treat yourself with something that won’t take you out of ketosis than falling off the wagon completely.

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