Are You Ready to Lose Weight and Keep It Off? Take the Quiz!

Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off?

If wishing were enough, most of us would wake up fit and slim. Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard or super complicated but it does require work, commitment and consistent effort. The quiz below will tell you if you are ready to commit to this process.

Mark your answers down on a separate sheet of paper or print the post out and circle your answers next to each question.

Weight Loss Readiness Quiz

  1. I have given my eating and exercise habits some thought and have at least a rough idea of my major problem areas. True or False?
  2. I believe that my whole life will change for the better by default if I lose a lot of weight. True or False?
  3. The weight has to come off really quickly for me to feel successful. True or False?
  4. I am willing to increase my level of physical activity and/or exercise for life, not just for a short while. True or False?
  5. If my weight loss slows down, I tend to feel demotivated. True or False?
  6. I am ready to get organized about meal planning and healthy weekly food shopping. True or False?
  7. I am ready to clear the cupboards out of all processed foods, sugar and wheat. True or False?
  8. I am prepared to be more selfish with my time, at least initially, so that I can give my body what it needs, because I know everyone in my life will gain from this. True or False?
  9. Losing weight will solve other problems in my life. True or False?
  10. I am ready to accept responsibility for my long-term health and fitness, and have reached a level of acceptance that slow and steady weight loss is probably the best way forward in terms of sustainability. True or False?
  11. My life is totally stressful right now but I want to lose weight anyway. True or False?
  12. I’m doing this because someone else (GP, significant other, family member) thinks I ought to. True or False?
  13. My motivation comes from deep within and a need to honour my body as the sacred gift it is. True or False?

Give yourself one point for each True answer for questions 1,4,6,7,8,10 and 13. Give yourself one point each for each False answer for questions 2,3,5,9,11 and 12.

If you have 10 or more points you are definitely ready to begin your weight loss journey, except if you chose True for 12 and False for 13.

If you have between 7 to 9 points, you may want to read the section below and think about what else needs to change before you go ahead.

Below 7 points probably means that now is not a good time since a positive mindset is the key to success.

The Quiz Questions Explained

  1. Starting to question your own habits is often the first step on the journey to change. You may have realised that you tend to snack endlessly on days you are sleep-deprived, for instance, or that you are nowhere near the daily recommended 10,000 steps in terms of daily movement.
  2. Weight loss can get the ball rolling on other areas of transformation but it is not the magic wand many of us think it will be. For instance, it won’t widen our social circle and create the kind of supportive environment/feeling of belonging that is so important for long-term health, nor will it get us that promotion or make our significant other pop the question.
  3. Quick weight loss tends to lead to yo-yo dieting.
  4. Physical exercise or increased daily movement is not only great for increasing weight loss, it also helps us stay optimistic and motivated in other ways. There really is no better way to boost our mood, change our physiology and our mindset – And mindset is EVERYTHING for successful weight loss AND keeping it off.
  5. Feeling easily demotivated by seeing the scales move up one day (usually due to fluctuations in hydration levels/water retention) is a sign that you are motivating with your thoughts and feelings. Take up meditation and learn to become the observer, so that you can stay focused on your goals and the longer-term.
  6. Getting organized is acting on the wish to lose weight. This is totally paramount, at least initially until your new habits are in place.
  7. No excuses. If the temptation is not present, your chances of success will increase by 100%, at least! But what about other family members? Ask them to support you and do this with you for a limited period of time until it is safe to reintroduce some of the food items they may want around. If this is not possible put all such food items on a separate shelf and cover it with a bin liner (no kidding!) until you get used to the idea that these items are not considered edible to you.
  8. You are ready to create a win-win by investing time and energy in your own wellness. This, together with steps 9 and 13, is the most important step on your wellness journey.
  9. No it won’t… but it may make you feel more motivated to get the ball rolling on other changes, especially once you have achieved some initial success. Be very careful to not become obsessed with weight loss as the be-all, end-all remedy for your life or you’ll soon find yourself at a dead end.
  10. Yes! You’ve got this. Nobody else will do this for you and you won’t just wake up fit and slim one day. You know that there is grit needed to achieve this goal and you’re going to throw all the grit you’ve got at it!
  11. Weight loss in and of itself adds an element of stress to your life since you have to step outside of your comfort zone in order to change some of your daily habits. If you are suffering with a lot of stress, it is better to wait until you are in a better, more supported place.
  12. It’s impossible to stay motivated based on someone else’s wishes for your life.
  13. You are ready, maybe not right now if your life is very stressful at the moment, but you are truly ready, so it’s just a matter of time before you begin. I’ll be here waiting 🙂

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