before and after i began my keto wellness journey in 2019

My Wellness Story

after and before keto and intermittent fasting

Running Out of Excuses

In January this year, I got fed up with putting my wellness on hold… It was a case of ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ but tomorrow didn’t come and everything that could be used had been used as an excuse for putting it off. I guess running out of excuses can be a good thing, huh?

I looked myself in the mirror, right at the start of the year, after I’d seen myself in the picture at the top of the post, on the right, that my husband took of me in on New Year’s Day, and confirmed that the light had gone out of my eyes. This was NOT how I wanted to start the New Year. The picture on the left was taken after I got my keto face and face recognition on my phone had stopped working.

The Alzheimer Motivator

My confidence was shattered because I hadn’t kept the promises I made to myself after my mum passed away from Alzheimer (aka Diabetes Type 3) in 2018. I was on a hiding to nothing, as they say here in the UK.

Enter keto and intermittent fasting. After I stumbled upon some information about this combination being used for Alzheimer prevention, I decided to give it a go, with a fasting focus mainly on Mind-Body-Spirit wellness rather than weight loss.

But my new way of eating had to survive one final excuse, I had a birthday coming up later in the month. Because, you know, cake…

Starting My New and Best Life

So I started this journey on the 13th of January, 2019, after learning the facts about a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet and fasting.

In spite of the MBS focus, the weight loss has been phenomenal – 11.4 kg so far (April 2019) – but more importantly, I have mySELF back. My confidence levels, energy and creativity… my excitement about the future. Add to that the fact that keto has vastly improved my autoimmune issues, Crohn’s and asthma, as well as my anxiety levels, and you can see why I feel I’m onto a real winner.

This is me three months in…

3 months of keto and intermittent fasting

ETA May, 2019: This is me, four months and ten days after I started my mind-body-spirit wellness journey… another couple of kilos lighter and with excellent energy levels + sense of wellbeing.

4 months into my keto wellness and weightloss journey

Yup, this journey has been so darn amazing that I decided to train to become a ketogenic diet and wellness coach, as well as a meditation teacher, since meditation is something that has helped me deal with the emotional baggage that I had been trying to stuff down with food.

Keto for Type 1 Diabetics

Though losing weight and getting myself back has been fantastic (I’m not going to lie), my biggest non-scale victory has got to be watching my husband’s transformation. After doing some initial research on keto for Type 1, I encouraged my husband to do the same.

It wasn’t long before he stumbled on Dr. Runyan’s blog, got a copy of Dr. Bernstein’s book, ‘The Diabetes Solution‘ and the rest, as we say, is history.  From having been on a blood sugar roller coaster with more or less constant spikes and hypos for nearly 26 years, he now has well-controlled blood sugar and his HbA1c has decreased from 6.3 to 5.1.

Wunjo Wellness

The idea for the name ‘Wunjo Wellness’ came to me when I realised that, more than anything else, it was joie de vivre that motivated me to transform into the best version of mySELF. If ever there were a symbol that encapsulates that joy, it is Wunjo, the joy rune.

Weightloss and Wellness Coaching Now Available!

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Lisa Frideborg Eddy
Certified Ketogenic Weight Loss, Intermittent Fasting and Health Coach

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